Sept/Aug Brandable and 2 Word .COM Sales Roundup

Reported sales above $5,000 from the last 45 days. Lots of 4-6 letter .coms sold in various price ranges, most being pronounceable/made up words. is french for ‘sex’ so not surprising it led the sales board. Besides at $56k, CVCV (consonant vowel consonant vowel) and VCVC patterned four letter .coms had the strongest […]

September Brandable .COM Sales Roundup

Quantity over quality in September, not quite as many mid-high five figure sales reported but plenty in the $3000-$7500 range. Again, this is just a small sampling of sales via Many marketplaces and private sellers do not report domain name sales. Highest reported domain sale last month was, a three letter one word […]