March has been quite busy for domain name marketplaces and sellers as you can see from previous posts this month here and here. There were several additional six figure sales in the last couple weeks that will find their way to the top of the year to date charts including $510,000, $200,000 and $150,000.

Below is a list of 40 fresh brandable .COM sales from the second half of this month.  Two domains that jump out to me are Margo and Coba, both are names of people and places and make great brands. I think for only $15k was a great buy and it looks like a Chinese investor scooped that one up. was purchased by startup Margo Bank which already had all variations including,, and but still they felt the need to make a statement online with, congrats to them for the huge upgrade. $60,720 ExcellentDomains $45,011 Uniregistry $29,888 Sedo $25,000 Sedo $22,250 Godaddy $17,500 Sedo $16,500 Private $15,503 Sedo $15,500 Sedo $15,000 Sedo $14,850 DropCatch $13,886 Sedo $13,353 DropCatch $12,806 Godaddy $12,225 Sedo $12,000 Sedo $12,000 Sedo $11,550 GritBrokerage $11,111 Namejet $11,010 Namejet $10,000 Sedo $10,000 Sedo $9,700 Namejet $7,850 Dropcatch $7,700 Sedo $6,300 Godaddy $5,951 Sedo $5,099 Namejet $5,050 Dropcatch $5,00 Sedo $5,000 Sedo $5,000 Sedo $4,988 Sedo $4,900 Flippa $4,800 BuyDomains $4,800 Sedo $4,060 Dropcatch $3,555 Godaddy $3,142 Buydomains

*These are just a sampling of the sales that are happening as most transactions remain unreported and one of the biggest domain marketplaces, no longer reports its sales publicly. Sales data collected via