The first week of March has been fireworks for top end domain name sales. There are five new additions to the YTD top ten reported sales in 2018. lead the way with a $1.2 million price tag., and exchanged hands for between $500k – $900k and blasted off with a $225k sale price (source). Keep in mind, these are just the top reported sales and two of these were results from the NamesCon live auction.

Brandable domains, especially with canna, crypto, coin and chain words continue to rack up nice sales at the auction and on aftermarket platforms. Again, these are really just a sampling of the domain sales that are happening as most transactions are under NDA. $20,000 Sedo $18,596 Sedo $10,001 Sedo $10,000 Sedo $9,918 Sedo $9,500 Godaddy $8,600 Sedo $7,500 Sedo $7,000 Sedo $6,600 Sedo $6,111 Sedo $5,700 Godaddy $5,200 Godaddy $5,090 Namejet $5,299 Namejet $4,803 Sedo $4,450 Godaddy $4,300 Namejet $4,050 Godaddy $3,810 Godaddy $3,250 Domaintheory $3,499 Namejet $3,856 Namejet $3,320 Buydomains $3,100 Namejet $3,050 Godaddy $3,000 Buydomains $2,950 Godaddy $2,766 Buydomains $2,700 Namejet

*Sales data collected via NameBio.