Purple.com Sale Price Revealed $900k + 33 More March Reported Sales

Thanks to domain researcher George Kirikos we can add the sale of Purple.com into the top 10 reported sales from 2017. Purple.com was sold last November to a well funded mattress startup named Purple for an undisclosed sale price. Mr Kirikos dug through the company’s SEC filings to find the transaction price which was $900,000. This was an important acquisition and big upgrade for the company which previously used OnPurple.com, that domain now redirects their official homepage Purple.com.

One word, acronym and solid two word domain sales continue to accelerate thru the first quarter of this year. Again, these are really just a sampling of the domain sales that are happening as many transactions are under NDA.

Edit.com $140,000 Sedo
CryptoGame.com $85,000 Rapidnames
Garbuio.com $55,490 Sedo
Closers.com $50,000 Sedo
Ruffian.com $24,250 Godaddy
CryptoSeller.com $17,250 Godaddy
Huv.com $16,100 Namejet
ChainWork.com $15,000 Sedo
AllProperty.com $15,000 Sedo
Ganool.com $14,403 Dropcatch
Privacy.io $13,200 Parkio
CakeToppers.com $13,000 Flippa
WeHost.com $12,600 Namejet
BinaryOption.com $10,600 Godaddy
ShirtMaster.com $10,000 Sedo
TinyHouse.com $10,000 Sedo
Neovate.com $10,000 Sedo
Crypto.club $10,000 Sedo
Ghosty.com $9,917 Sedo
GoodTrouble.com $9,200 Sedo
HouseAlarms.com $9,000 Sedo
Tabe.com $7,100 Namejet
Dapt.com $6,500 Sedo
AusCasinos.com $5,011 Dropcatch
WaveStorm.com $4,750 Sedo
TheWebHub.com $4,550 Godaddy
HairStore.com $4,305 Godaddy
MaxCap.com $3,800 Namejet
Gucun.com $3,600 Dropcatch
GrandStudio.com $3,600 Buydomains
VideoToken.com $3,388 Buydomains
Virtex.com $3,077 Namejet
ProjectSpark.com $3,002 Dropcatch