Sept/Aug Brandable and 2 Word .COM Sales Roundup

Reported sales above $5,000 from the last 45 days. Lots of 4-6 letter .coms sold in various price ranges, most being pronounceable/made up words. is french for ‘sex’ so not surprising it led the sales board. Besides at $56k, CVCV (consonant vowel consonant vowel) and VCVC patterned four letter .coms had the strongest […]

January Brandable .COM Sales Roundup

January was a great month to buy a domain name, it was also a great month to sell a domain name. That’s the beauty of this industry, there are always opportunities. NamesCon Global 2019 held a live auction last Monday, January 25th which grossed over $2.3M in sales. There were multiple six figure sales including […]

August Brandable .COM Sales Roundup

Right to the sales this month! On the big board, more one word .COMs have changed hands last month for six figures including 600k, 300k, $190k. Three letter .COM domains have been selling for good prices as they make up four of the first five names on the list. It always amazes […]