November Brandable, 1 & 2 Word .COM Sales Roundup

Reported domain name sales above $5,000 in November courtesy of Another strong showing for one word and brandable domains as tops the charts with a massive $160k sale. Green Roads is a CBD company and its purchase was a big upgrade from their domain was also picked up by and end […]

October Brandable and 2 Word .COM Sales Roundup

Reported domain name sales above $5,000 in October. It was a big month for one word and brandable domains as tops the charts with a massive 1.5M sale, followed by just under $500k. Pronounceable cvcv (consonant vowel consonant vowel) patterned four letter .coms continue to sell well as expected. A load of shortened, […]

January Brandable .COM Sales Roundup

January was a great month to buy a domain name, it was also a great month to sell a domain name. That’s the beauty of this industry, there are always opportunities. NamesCon Global 2019 held a live auction last Monday, January 25th which grossed over $2.3M in sales. There were multiple six figure sales including […]

December .COM Brandable Sales Roundup

One word .COMs crushed it in December. which consistently report more sales than all other domain marketplaces sold ($750k), ($450k), ($399,999) and ($250k). Legal Brand Marketing also sold ($350k) last month. It was a huge year overall for one word .COM names which make amazing brands as well as […]

September Brandable .COM Sales Roundup

Quantity over quality in September, not quite as many mid-high five figure sales reported but plenty in the $3000-$7500 range. Again, this is just a small sampling of sales via Many marketplaces and private sellers do not report domain name sales. Highest reported domain sale last month was, a three letter one word […]

August Brandable .COM Sales Roundup

Right to the sales this month! On the big board, more one word .COMs have changed hands last month for six figures including 600k, 300k, $190k. Three letter .COM domains have been selling for good prices as they make up four of the first five names on the list. It always amazes […]

Fireworks Continue! July Brandable Domain Sales Roundup

Summer months show no sign of slowing domain sales. An amazing short brand and one word domain name hit the moon with a $3,500,000 sale brokered by GritBrokerage in July. Also not on the list below sold for $550,000 and for $120,000. Hundreds more brandable .COMs have been swooped up by end […]

Heat Is On! June Brandable Domain Sales Roundup

As summer heats up for much of the population of the world it had generally been a rule of thumb that domain sales slow down. More people vacationing and spending time outdoors meant less eyeballs on domains and e-commerce overall. Well, that seems not to be the case with .COM movement to start the summer […]